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Professional Design by Numbers: A Practical Guide to Great Design 
bullet Not happy with your website design?
bullet Can't get your designs to 'look right'
bullet Don't have much design experience?
bullet Don't know the end of a paintbrush from your elbow?


Don't Like Design?

Struggling with design?
 Let's face it. Some of us are born with it and some of us... well, how can I put this?

Some of us just aren't.

What am I referring to? Well, that 'creative streak', an 'eye for design', the 'instinctive flair' some people seem to have just been born with.

But you don't need to panic if you don't know the end of a paintbrush from your elbow - after all... we can't all be good at EVERYTHING, right?

Just because you're not 100% sure about your own design abilities doesn't mean you can't turn out great looking designs...

In fact, far from it!

The reality is that there are a series of well-established design techniques and principles used by professional designers all the time, and they're actually pretty basic rules that YOU could be following too.

Woman with laptopWith a little training, help and advice anyone (and we mean ANYONE) can hugely improve the quality of any design work they do.

Doesn't matter whether you're designing a website, a brochure, or a business card, these techniques are the golden rules and best practice of design.

And the best part is that it doesn't need to cost the earth, nor take forever to pick up the essential design skills you need.

Plug your design skill-gap today!

 In our brand new, information-packed-yet-concise online training course we've put everything down that you could need to know in order to take your own design ability to the next level.

On completing this course you'll have all the information you need to make things 'look just right' and (just as importantly) to avoid costly design mistakes you've probably been making up to now.

160 minutes of design training,
specially prepared for non-designers

monitorThe course we've put together has been specially designed to take newbie designers - people with little or no perceived design ability - and give them the essential know-how with which they can start producing more effective, more engaging design.

We pick apart techniques across nine informative modules to explain the practical methods you can employ - as a non-designer - to ensure your designs deliver against your business objectives.

That's right, I said business objectives...

That's because this is a design course for business people, not designers, so the information within the course is geared to practical implementation - you won't find meaningless, artistic 'mumbo-jumbo' in the modules.

Let's take a peek inside the course modules to see what's covered:

Complete Guide to Design Modules List:

Relative Importance


We all know that how a website looks can have an impact on its ability to engage (and convert) visitors, but just how important is design really, in the overall scheme of things?

You may be surprised to learn just where design sits in terms of its relative importance!


Objectives and Planning


With every business activity should come thorough planning, and design is no different - you need to plan to meet your business objectives just as you would were you putting a sales plan together.

In this module we take a look over how we can use our business objectives to drive our design, to ensure that we're designing 'in the right direction'.


Fundamental Principles


The fundamental design principles in this module are pure gold - they're a selection of practical guidelines that you can refer back to whenever you're doing any kind of creative design work, be it on your website or anything else for that matter.

The tips cover important topics like how to perform competitive design research, all about design simplicity, quality and how to go about building an inspirational swipe file to fuel your future designs.


Design Tools


There are hundreds of tools out there that you COULD be using to do your design work, but WHICH ones are right for you?

In this module we're not only going to save you hundreds of wasted dollars, we're going to specifically recommend some free and low-cost tools that will do the design job just perfectly for you.


Working with Layouts


Layouts are the framework for your design and represent an opportunity to design once, yet benefit many times over. They're an integral part of any modern website (or blog) design so it's a great place to start when talking about good website design.

We'll be covering off which page elements you should place where, and how positioning page content can impact on the performance of your website.


Working with Text


If you thought the words on your page simply need writing, with no thought to design then you need to think again!

There are plenty of really important design precedents you need to be aware of when working with text, including fonts, sizes, spacing, styling
and much more besides.


Working with Images


Images are probably the most daunting type of content for the non-designer, but fortunately we've got you covered in this insightful module!

We share the secrets of where and how to find great images that are appropriate for your site's theme, and we cover off a whole bunch of classic image blunders people often make - so you'll never need to make these mistakes again...


Working with Colors


Amazingly, color is one of the areas of design given the least amount of thought of all, but it's something that can make a huge difference to the theme of your site and can support your message incredibly effectively.

In this module we'll not only talk about color psychology, we'll run through some amazing free tools you can use to generate professional-grade color swatches, which you can use on your site.


Tips and Tricks


To round off this design training course we'll be rolling up our sleeves and demonstrating a range of tips and tricks that you can use yourself when you're designing your own websites.

These tips include how to edit images in a graphics package, how to create some neat web 2.0 effects, and how to lay out images in your web pages.


Are you ready to start improving your website design?

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Instant Access

When you invest in The Complete Guide to Design you get instant access to our online learning materials - everything you need to master the art of practical design, and being online means you can train whenever it suits YOU.

Each of the nine modules is accessible with the click of a button, so if you need to break off the training for any reason you can quickly jump back in where you left off.

supporting you Supporting You Every Step of The Way


When you buy this training product you become part of The Complete Guide To Design community and, as such you are not alone. We provide full technical support, year round, to all our valued trainees.

If you find yourself struggling at any point, simply drop us a line and we'll come back to you with a detailed response, to help you to keep on track with your learning.

Unlike other support organizations who promise to reply within three days we make a pledge to always reply within twenty four hours on work-days, and usually you’ll see a response in your inbox within just a few hours.

The Intellimon support team is renowned for the high level of support it delivers, but as a valued trainee your support requests are guaranteed to go right to the front of the queue where they will be dealt with as a top priority.

Act NowLimited Seats, Selling Fast

Please do act quickly - we're going to fix the initial trainee numbers soon after the avalanche of sign-ups following the launch of this new course, so that we can let the dust settle and to ensure that we can deliver excellent customer support to those who get a seat at this launch.

As a result of the high sales volume on our previous products and courses, it's important that I make this disclaimer...

While there is no exact number set on The Complete Guide To Design, there IS a limit. The fact is, this entire course is provided via a digital learning environment, and once we hit our limits in terms of content delivery we'll have no option but to restrict new sign-ups to maintain quality levels for existing trainees.

As you know, we are 100% committed to the best user experience possible and this means we refuse to allow your experience to suffer in order to cram more people into the system.

If the order link is still active above, we have not yet reached this limit. If it's grayed out, that means we are allowing our first wave of members go through the course before opening orders back up.

If the order link is active above, order now and start improving your website design today!

We may release additional seats at a later date, so if you don't manage to get in at this time we'll let you know when you can.

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Get our TWO special fast-action bonus modules: 

Creating Great Headers


If you've ever wondered how to create great header graphics for your website or blog, wonder no more...

In this bonus module we step you through the process of planning and designing the perfect header graphic, so you'll never be short of ideas again when you're putting a site together.

Packed with tips and suggestions!


Designing Templates


As you probably know, the powerful XSitePro website design software comes pre-stocked with over 200 great quality templates.

But what about if you want to create your OWN design, something totally unique and perfectly matched to your business offering.

Well, in this bonus module we reveal exactly how to do just that - design a completely custom website template in a little less than a hour!


These two exclusive bonus modules give you the inside track when it comes to designing killer headers and jaw-dropping website templates, using XHeader and XSitePro respectively.

These two modules aren't available anywhere else, and they're yours absolutely free of charge when you order your copy of The Complete Guide to Design today.

Our Iron-Clad, 365-Day Guarantee

365 Day Guarantee

We believe we have created a training product that, once completed, will give you everything you need to be able to create great-looking website designs. 

We're so confident that you'll agree with us, we're offering a 365 day 100% money-back guarantee.

If you feel, after completing the course, and within 365 days from purchasing that the course was not worth the investment then simply let us know and we'll give you your money back, no questions asked.

Can't say fairer than that, right?!

Let's Recap What's On Offer:

arrow 2 Complete course teaching you everything you need to know about designing your website
arrow 2 More than one hundred and sixty minutes of training covering all you need to know and nothing more - no fluff and waffle here!
arrow 2 Online training materials, so you can learn at your own pace and when it suits you
arrow 2 Professionally-produced video training - watch as we demonstrate, step-by-step, techniques and methods you can apply to your own website right away
arrow 2 Robust training delivery platform, ensuring your training is delivered smoothly
arrow 2 Two amazing bonus modules available to fast-acting customers - How to design great header graphics using XHeader, and How to design custom website templates for XSitePro
arrow 2 Low-cost design training - all of the design tips you could want to greatly improve your website design, at an incredibly low price
arrow 2 100% risk-free investment - our full, 365-day guarantee means that if you're not happy with your investment we'll simply refund your money. Easy!

Improve Your Design Skills Today

order nowThe Complete Guide To Design is going to give you all the information you need to greatly improve the quality of any design you do.

We all know that if you can get the design right then you can significantly improve the performance of your website content (and so you can expect to improve conversions) not to mention the fact that you create a more professional impression with your site's visitors, building trust and authority.

The Complete Guide To Design not only gives you a practical guide to design which you can apply - even as a non-designer - you'll also get a raft of tips and tricks that will save you time and money when you're setting about designing your website.

These are practical tips and techniques you'll be able to put into action immediately on your own website.

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Paul Smithson

P.S. Stop taking shots in the dark when it comes to design. The Complete Guide To Design will transform your business, saving you time and money. You can design great-looking content!